Brand Elements

We produce quality logos, vectors and licensed artwork that you and your team can run with. Your logo is something you will have printed, shifted and scattered. Lets make sure you love it.


Illustrations take time and money but they can elevate your company pressence in both print productions and digital ones. We have a long list of media-specific clients that we have white labeled beautiful illustrations for.


Motion and Logo action points are essential these days for brand recognition. Subtle hues of motion on web logo loaders or vectors that come alive is something we specialize in. 

Software Architecture

Wire-framing for digital products at Studio Minted starts with UI and UX, and early on user research. We have vast experience in delivering products for clients that are used in numerous ways. In addition making sure users are on-boarded correctly, we also make sure that the brand is threaded in every scene.


Prototyping is by far the most important part of our process because it gets the entire team to interact and “play” with the digital product and the brand that it stands for. We use technical programs such as Webflow, Framer and Principal and other tools effectively so that you can see your digital product at first glance, and start testing it first hand.

The Digital Real Deal

We can’t help to be good at software too. We make sure that your design, while flawless can be hosted and development in a way that is structurally sound and bug free. Backing your web app with a developed language is the bottom line and that can mean developing a custom WordPress Build or iOS and Swift app in a way that makes room for future growth and a secure presence.

Daily Check In's

Not one project has taken us over 3 months and we are really excited to promote that. We craft quickly and have a committed relationship with each of clients and that means communication is daily.

Weekly Deliverables

To stay on track we craft a schedule that works for your project. It so happens that usually every project has something that we “turn in” every week, and this has worked really well.

“Studio Minted has continuously¬†adapted to our growing startup. Every time we come back to them and they make us look like what I have dreamed my company would look like” – David Freund, Co-Founder, Junto

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