Building brand and digital presence that end users will remember.

We always start with creative intent. Then we like to have fun with it.








We started Studio Minted in 2014 in Denver Colorado and have shipped over 80 client sites, and 4 applications to date. While these numbers aren’t by any means large, we are focused on A) craft B) creative execution. Since the beginning our consultancy has worked with 3 partners that has brought to light a different type of aesthetic that has delivered over 8 awards in 3 different categories.

As we approached any project we assess the current direction of brand, where it is today and what it looks like tomorrow. In the vast changing landscape of digital we want to asset first what your core competency is. Then we craft a compelling story equipment with vector illustrations and digital presence that end users will remember.

01. Creative Design

Creative design starts with a pencil and paper. During the discovery we take on every task as personal and begin to address the questions, why, and for who are we making this for.

02. We believe Motion is the future

Logo’s and brands are always moving and changing. Yours should too. We deliver technical specialties in After Effects and other motion editors that allow your logo, app or brand to become alive.

03. Every digital project requires a prototyped experience first

The digital landscape has changed. We make sure that your deliverables aren’t PSD’s and Sketch files but are living and breathing entities that become transpired across devices. Working with prototyping tools such as Framer, Principal and Webflow means creating projects that you can actually become immersed in.

04. Top-notch Support

A a boutique and small studio, we build one on one relationships with all of our clients. You become apart of our family building the future.